Paranoid Black Tee

Dawes Paranoid Black Tee. We had a blast covering Black Sabbath! Grab yourself one of these remaining limited edition t-shirts, and you can listen to the whole set at

Nothing Is Wrong (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) 2 x Milky Clear LP’s + 7”

Description: In 2011 Dawes released their highly-anticipated Sophomore album ‘Nothing Is Wrong’. Produced and mixed by Jonathan Wilson, ‘NIW’ built on the band’s sun-drenched, Laurel Canyon sound with rock solid songwriting and beautiful Crosby, Stills, and Nash-style harmonies. The album was met with near universal critical-acclaim and catapulted the band’s career. With ‘Nothing Is Wrong’, Dawes staked their flag as …

Black & Gold “Let’s Party” Trucker Hat

“When I think of you, you still got on that hat that says let’s party, I hope that thing is never thrown away” New color! One size fits all black mesh trucker cap.

All Your Favorite Bands CD

With this, its fourth album, Dawes calls from deep inside the feedback loop of love’s aftermath, a place where stray scenes from happier times rattle around unexpectedly to reinforce the stark loneliness of the present moment. For a songwriter, it’s an interesting place to hang out, and Goldsmith takes full advantage of the dramatic possibilities. He’s alternately philosophical and angry, …

Passwords Black Vinyl

  Side A 1. Living in the Future 2. Stay Down 3. Crack The Case   Side B 1. Feed The Fire 2. My Greatest Invention   Side C 1. Telescope 2. Can’t Love 3. Mistakes We Should Have Made   Side D 1. Never Gonna Say Goodbye 2. Time Flies Either Way

We’re All Gonna Die CD

Album Overview: The fifth studio album from Dawes, 2016’s cheekily titled We’re All Gonna Die, finds the rootsy Los Angeles outfit pushing its melodic, literate roots rock in an artsier, more sonically experimental direction. Following up the group’s engaging 2015 effort All Your Favorite Bands, We’re All Gonna Die feels like the beginning of a creative transformation where the band begins to shed all genre …